Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What we are doing today, our work, our choices can make the difference.

Living our time looking to the future, to leave better than we found.

Best wishes to all of you and your families.

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Business Culture Week


On the occasion of the XVI edition of the Business Culture Week organized by  Confindustria (the General Confederation of Italian Industry),  Museimpresa  organizes and promotes a rich calendar of events involving the entire territory, in order to directly live the history of our Country. This year, from 10th to 24th November 2017, it launches a reflection on “the languages of growth: culture, company, territory”.


We do support this initiative! On 22nd November we will open our doors and give the people the opportunity to take a closer look to our way of combining people, technology, business culture and territory.

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How family firms execute open innovation strategies: the Loccioni case

Sometimes scientific articles are also beautiful stories, tasty to read.


The Institute of Management of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa, with whom we have been linked for years of partnerships, studies and describes our innovation process as an open and familiar enterprise.


The paper, published in the Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 21 Issue: 6, aims to shed light on how family firms execute open innovation strategies by managing internal and external knowledge flows.

Moving from the barriers to the acquisition and transfer of knowledge in open innovation processes, the paper presents and discusses the results of an exploratory case study on our enterprise, focusing on how we overcame these barriers: labelled imprinting and fraternization,  two capabilities characterizing family firms, are the ‘secret’ which permeates our daily work.

Innovation is a consequence.


Read here the paper.

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(Italiano) Docufilm – “Il lavoro che vogliamo” di Andrea Salvadore

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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E-on and Loccioni switch on the first energy island in Scandinavia

The future is local.

On October 18th, at Simris, a charming little town on the Swedish south-east coast, in the Scania Region, has disconnected the plug. The first energy island in Scandinavia has been inaugurated in the presence of institutions, companies and inhabitants.
With the LES project, Local Energy System, E.ON, the German energy giant, involved the inhabitants of a small town into something that tastes as future. As a matter of fact, the energy that feeds the houses, the shops and the life of this small seaside town will no longer be furnished by the national electrical power system, but it will be produced on site, exclusively renewable, without CO2 emissions and available when necessary.
The energy is produced by a 440 kW photovoltaic plant and a 500 kW wind turbine; in order to make the energy reliable and available also at night, there is a big battery and an intelligent distribution system.
The Internet of things and the intelligence of the energy are real. Intelligent is an increasingly important feature that we attribute to the energy, after accessible, reliable and renewable. In a scenery where the energetic islands and the microgrid will increase in number, where the needed energy is self-produced, where the complete independence from fossil sources is a concrete opportunity by now, where technology that guarantees the quality of the service and its reliability is increasingly important.

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Between Robotics and Learning-Working Projects, the new ways of Design

Two Loccioni’s projects, selected among national design excellences, show how the world of design holds innovation in all its shapes.



Milan, Monday, October 9th, National Museum of Science and Technology.


This time, the context is different, and this is a sign that time is changing: for the first time, the National Museum of Science and Technology welcomes the introduction of the 2017 ADI Index, the national selection of the best projects of the Italian Industry.

We can state there is no boundaries between arts, technology and social dimension; the excellence project contains all the several aspects of the good Italian industry.

Among the 204 works selected from the over seven hundred candidates, which together with those of last year will compete for the next Compasso d’Oro (The Golden Compass), there are two Loccioni’s projects that properly represents this innovation inside the design concept. Continue reading

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Summer&Sons 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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Bosch Global Supplier Award 2017: We are the Champions!


What an exciting evening last night in Stuttgardt! At the Bosch Global Supplier Award, in themple of German technology shines the italian star of quality! We are among the best world supplier of the german multinational; we are among the 44 out of 30.000; we are  one out of 700!. Thanks to the work and passion of all we have gained the first place in the “Test Bench Equipment” Category.


“The award that we have received” – said Enrico Loccioni – is the result of the passion and the competence of so many collaborators from our land and from abroad. They have gained the trust of one of the best industrial world players. This award goes to us all. With Bosch, we share not only the drive towards innovation and the passion for technique, but also the values and the company culture, the willing to create something that is a value for everyone.”


Thanks to all!

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(Italiano) Alternanza Scuola – Lavoro 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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Bluzone Camp 2017: let’s go!

It is summer in Loccioni and we are ready to become a laboratory for all the ages. Our company opens its doors to schools and students of the territory, offering technological challenges for the present and the future that is yet to come.


More than 350 teachers and students have been already involved in a training program, called “From coding to digital wisdom”, aiming at thinking about the collaboration between the school and the company and designing future skills. Therefore Loccioni becomes a generational bridge, a place where playing, knowing and learning by doing: the third edition of Bluzone Camp 2017 is going to start next Monday, engaging students of elementary school. There will be involved also our collaborators and their sons.


Through technology, digital wisdom, coding, sustainability, collaborative robotics and internet of things, the students start to meet the work of the future!


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